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Recruitment Regulations!

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1 Recruitment Regulations! on Sat Jan 23, 2016 5:38 am



                  San Andreas Special Forces
                     Recruitment Regulations

Enlistment for the SASF has once more been made more accessible to the public. In order to enlist in the SASF, you have to either create an application or join a live recruitment session which will be hosted regularly.


Applications: If your application is accepted, an appointment will be made for a private interview with one of our Recruitment & Training personnel who will take care of your enlistment process. If you do not fulfill our requirements, your application will get denied and you will have to wait three weeks to re-apply.

[b][size=200]San Andreas Special Forces[/size]
[size=150]Enlistment Application[/size][/b][/center]

[b]Full Name:[/b]

[b]Date of Birth:[/b]

[b]Current Address:[/b]

[b]Employment History:[/b] [size=85](list current first, no more than 3)[/size]


[b]Reason to Enlist:[/b] [size=85](explain why you'd like to enlist)[/size]

[b]State your ambitions:[/b] [size=85](explain what you want to achieve in the SASF)[/size]

[b]Do you posess a valid drivers license:[/b]
[  ] YES
[  ] NO

[b]Do you posess a valid firearms license:[/b]
[ ] YES
[  ] NO

[b]Criminal Record:[/b]
[sp="Click to View"]PASTE HERE[/sp]

[i][size=85]Out of Character[/size][/i][/center]

[b]Admin Record:[/b]
[sp="Click to View"]PASTE HERE[/sp]

[b]Picture of Statistics:[/b]
[sp="Click to View"]PASTE HERE[/sp]

Live recruitment: If you want to join the San Andreas Special Forces in a different way, you will be required to attend a Live Recruitment session which will be hosted regularly by our Recruitment and Training personnel. Keep in mind that you have to follow our policies in order to get a chance to join the San Andreas Special Forces. If you don't fulfill our requirements, you'll be asked to leave the session. However, you may join our next recruitment session in order to get a chance to enlist.

In order to join, you..

-Must be at least 18 years of age.
-Must be at least 155cm tall.
-Must be a citizen of the United States of America.
-Must be able to pass initial physical tests.
-Must be able to pass initial mental tests.
-Must be able to pass security clearance.
-Must be able to provide a criminal record without severe crimes
-Must not have any ties to any known criminals
-Must be eligible for international travels.
-Must be clean from any illegal contraband.
-Must have a positive attitude and show ambition.
-Must have a valid U.S. Driver's Permit.

Not fulfilling these requirements will get you denied immediately.

SASF S.General
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